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Foster Parent- When D first started tutoring, she wasn’t too interested in her studies. At times she felt like tutoring was just a waste of time. After her first few sessions, she had a change of heart. She admires her tutor and her attitude towards tutoring changed. Her studies and grades became her main focus. Her grades are now mostly As, and she is passing all of her classes. Before tutoring, she was failing all of her classes. She went from not having an interest in school and viewing tutoring as a waste of time, to looking forward to tutoring and spending time with her tutor. I’m thankful for her tutor, for The WHIT program, and for everything they do!

Foster Parent - Since starting tutoring I have noticed that S.’s ability to confidently and accurately use basic math skills like adding and skip counting has increased significantly. She has also memorized a couple of random multiplication facts, and seems to comprehend what they mean which was a level of understanding she was struggling with before. In such a short period of time, taxes heartwarming progress to see.

CPS Case Worker
- You all are doing an amazing job and we really appreciate all of your help with these kids. Thank you so very much! 


Student - "Ever since I have started with the program I have been able to get caught up on my work more, and I have been able to understand my work. Not just The WHIT Program but my tutor has been amazing at helping me, and even if I have a lot of work she's willing to stay late and help me, and I really appreciate that. "

- I was honored to have the opportunity to watch D. rise above her circumstances. In the past, her circumstances have controlled her, but in those moments as she completed her final assignments, I watched as she began to realize that her choices were in her control, regardless of the circumstances and situation My experience tutoring D has changed the way I view myself and those around me. I am thankful for the privilege I experienced in my childhood and I have gained a new respect for others who have had to fight for the things I was given. In life, things happen. We can't control our circumstances, we can't control others' actions and we can't control others' perceptions. What we can control is our character, who we choose to be and how we choose to live. Our choices and our character remain in our control no matter what the circumstances may be.

Foster Parent - “I credit The WHIT Program and the tutor my son Aydin was matched with at getting him to focus and enjoy school more. His tutor was a big part of helping him feel confident in his reading. He was at a kindergarten reading level in 3rd grade and through his tutoring with The WHIT Program he went up 2 grade levels! His confidence level increased as well which was a major factor in his success and all of that can be attributed to his WHIT tutor. Aiden would ask every week “Is it Thursday yet, I get to go to tutoring right!?” He looked forward to his tutoring session every week, and the bond he had with his tutor was wonderful! Thank you WHIT!”